Solar Energy Leader Unveils New Community Solar Project Model

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Community Solar

Green Stream Holdings, Inc. has just revealed a new aspect of its Green Rain Solar, LLC energy provider. The Community Solar Project model is Green Stream’s attempts at streamlining the process of obtaining renewable energy and providing options for regions of high-cost energy throughout the United States. The Wyoming-based company created a basic model capable of scaling to cater to urban communities of all sizes. 

According to the president of Green Stream Holdings, Madeline Cammarata, the Community Solar Project model was designed based on the latest in architectural design, urban development, infrastructure engineering, public utilities, and renewable energy generation. The holdings company hopes to rectify the issues of older community solar projects. 

Cammarata explained the three concepts that the company adhered to in hopes of clarifying the Community Solar Project model’s purpose and effectiveness. These concepts are:

  • Green Stream is the Solar Energy utility Company
  • Green Stream Owns the Rooftops
  • Green Stream Ends Food Deserts

Green Stream oversees every aspect of the Community Solar Project model and is more than just a solar installer. It has a hand in how to target specific communities and ensuring urban neighborhoods benefit from the perks of community solar.

To spread its community solar option to urban regions in Wyoming and throughout the United States, it will be leasing rooftops to have solar panels installed on them. According to the model, the community benefits from the new panels on a variety of levels. Along with the generation of clean, renewable energy, leasing the rooftops allows Green Stream to put money into the community. 

Along with constructing solar panels on rooftops and overseeing the Community Solar Project model, Green Stream also has Solar Greenhouses used to house inner-city farms. These unique structures are intended to assist low-income families with their food needs.

Upon implementation of the new model, Green Rain Solar, LLC, a Green Stream subsidiary, will be in charge of managing the project.


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