Future Community Solar Project in Wisconsin Receives Approval

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Community Solar

A future community solar project proposed by Superior Water, Light and Power has received approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. Originally submitted in January 2020, the proposal was for a 470-kilowatt garden to be built near Heritage Park. Super Water, Light and Power (SWL&P) noted in its proposal that the project was expected to power upwards of 115 homes.

According to SWL&P president, Rob Sandstrom, the future community solar project is the company’s first power generation installation since the Winslow Generating Station’s closure in 1981. 

Though SWL&P was behind the initial request for the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, Superior Solar will be overseeing the upkeep and management of the program. Overhead costs will be offset by customer subscriptions, which will allow residents and businesses to draw power from the solar facility. An SWL&P statement confirmed that the pricing will be fixed so customers won’t have to worry about an increase in electricity costs.

When a customer subscribes to the future community solar project, they will be eligible for Solar Renewable Energy Credits. These will show up on the customer’s bill every month. Every subscription is laid out in one-kilowatt blocks and requires an initial fee, monthly rate, or a fixed charge based on the amount of kilowatts used in the home or business. All subscriptions are on a 25-year basis, though there is no penalty to cancel earlier.

According to Joscelyn Skandel, Superior Solar’s manager of regulatory compliance, policy, and rules, the community solar program is intended to provide customers with choices and options. Once construction is finished, customers homeowners can decide whether they want to draw power from the solar facility or stick with standard power. Should they opt into the program, they’ll have immediate access to solar energy without having to install costly rooftop panels.

Local businesses are being reviewed for acceptance into the program, and some residential customers will be contacted if they showed interest. Subscriptions are on a first-come, first-served basis.


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