Wisconsin Community Solar Project Takes on Anchor Tenant

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Community Solar

In December, Alliant Energy announced a community solar project planned for Fond du Lac, WI. Now, the solar developer is stepping forward with an anchor tenant for the installation. Michels Corporation is expected to buy into 30% of the remaining solar blocks of the Fond du Lac solar array. 

According to Alliant Energy, after Michels Corporation purchases its third of the community solar project, it will have sold more than 75% of the available units. The Fond du Lac facility is a 1-megawatt installation developed on the southwest side of the Wisconsin city. Michels, which is headquartered out of Brownsville, has leased the site to Alliant.

Though the community solar project has already sold most of its units, construction isn’t expected to start until spring 2021. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, it will be completed before 2022 and will begin generating energy to pump into the city’s power grid. 

According to David de Leon, Alliant Energy president, the developer has been working with Michels for over 50 years. The recent partnership is just one of many that the two have participated in to provide economic and environmental benefits to residents of Wisconsin. The community solar project provides a direct benefit to homeowners in the form of low-cost and readily-available solar energy. 

When a subscriber participates in the solar program, they are eligible to receive a credit on their utility statement. Each month, they receive two bills – one for their normal electricity use that’s offset by a second statement that shows a credit from Alliant Energy. These credits will start filtering out once the site is operational and will be provided to customers for the expected 20-year life of the project. 

The community solar project in Fond du Lac still has 25% of its units available for residential customers. Those that participate can cancel their subscription at any time with no penalty. 


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