Community Solar Blocks Donated to Habitat for Humanity in WI

Solar Panels in Open Field
Community Solar

Community solar developer, Alliant Energy, announced plans to donate $90,000 in solar units to Habitat for Humanity of Fond du Lac County. Alliant will pull the blocks from the Fond du Lac community solar project, which entered the planning stages back in December 2020.

Just as the community solar project does for the neighborhoods and residents in Fond du Lac, the donation to Habitat for Humanity will help serve underserved and low- to middle-income individuals. According to the organization’s executive director, Katie Karls, they hope to take the donation from Alliant and use it to lower the monthly utility bills for residents of local “Habitat homes.” Karls states that the organization believes the reduced electricity costs will help their residents manage their budgets better and leave them with more money for their households.

Though the project was launched in December, Alliant expects construction to begin by spring. Currently, the site has a completion date of Q4 2021. The development is planned in the southeast of Fond du Lac and, once operational, will start generating energy for local homeowners, businesses, and tenants. 

Senior key account manager for Fond Du Lac of Alliant Energy, Kathy Leifer, states that the donation is the solar provider’s way of giving more to the local community. By providing cost-savings and promoting the use of clean, renewable energy, Alliant hopes to build a cleaner and healthier community. 

The remaining blocks of the Fond du Lac community solar project are available to all electric customers of Wisconsin. They can now purchase blocks of solar and receive the benefits of the community solar facility once it is operational. Over the projected 20 year lifespan of the installation, customers can receive monthly bill credits to reduce their utility costs. 

As of the time of the donation announcement, Alliant had secured over one-fifth of the subscribers needed to max out the facility’s solar blocks.


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