Tennessee Community Solar Customers to Receive Renewable Energy Certificates

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Community Solar

For the past year, the first solar farm in Washington County has been producing renewable energy for Tennessee’s community solar customers BrightRidge Solar. To provide its consumers with a tangible means of seeing where and how its power is generated, BrightRidge Solar, in conjunction with the Tennessee Valley Authority, will be issuing renewable energy certificates.

The first round of renewable energy certificates will be broken down into 840 spread out to 62 customers of BrightRidge. When subscribers to the solar program receive their certificates, they will be able to confirm the specifics of the energy they use. The Environmental Protection Agency states that renewable energy certificates are a great way of showing the path of alternative electricity. In this case, it’s specific to Tennessee community solar customers.

Production at the Washington County solar farm started in December 2018 and has resulted in 10.5-gigawatt-hours distributed to BrightRidge consumers. It uses 41,760 individual modules spread across 40 acres in the town of Telford. Its solar energy production is the equivalent of 870 tons of coal.

The farm was built as part of a deal with BrightRidge, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and Silicon Ranch. Of the 5 megawatts it generates, 0.5 are put back into BrightRidge to help its community solar project.

According to Jeff Dykes, BrightRidge CEO, the solar company was responsible for offering the first Tennessee community solar project that focuses on the rewards for their customers. The project allows customers to enjoy renewable energy without having to put money into the maintenance or installation of individual solar panels.

With 75 years of history delivering power to its customers, Dykes’ continued, BrightRidge hopes to give its consumers the recognition they deserve for their part in bringing clean energy to Washington County.

To distribute the renewable energy certificates, BrightRidge and the authority will send them out annually over the 20-year span of the Tennessee community solar project.


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