Oregon Community Solar to Be Centerpiece of Power Hour

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Community Solar

Oregon Community Solar programs will take the spotlight at Feb. 23rd’s Power Hour, hosted by The Environmental Center. The discussion will center around the state’s community solar opportunities and is intended to provide homeowners and small businesses with an overview of how the programs work. Since community solar is a relatively new concept in Oregon, the Power Hour is an important step in spreading awareness of the cost-saving and environmental benefits of working with solar energy.

The Oregon Community Solar Program was created to help deliver clean, renewable energy to underserved, low- to middle-income households throughout the state. As The Energy Challenge program director Lindsey Hardy, explains, some homeowners are unable to participate in traditional solar power due to high upfront costs or because their homes are not capable of housing solar arrays. The program was designed to cater to these homes and make solar energy affordable and accessible.

Through the Power Hour at The Environmental Center, speakers like Oregon Shines program manager Carly Sellers, and Community Energy Project program director, Sherrie Villmark, will discuss the perks of Oregon community solar and how to take part in the eco-friendly program. They will dig a little deeper into the concepts behind community solar and detail how homeowners are capable of saving upwards of 20% on their monthly utility bills.

Scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 23rd at 5:00 PM local time, the Power Hour will be held virtually via Zoom to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of an educational series created by The Energy Challenge, the Power Hour event is one of several events dedicated to discussing renewables and other forms of energy.

The Environmental Center created The Energy Challenge to answer questions, inform communities, and provide residents a means of ultimately signing up for clean, renewable energy. By pushing Oregon community solar, The Environmental Center helps increase the use of renewable energy, which will have a positive impact on the local ecosystem.


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