New Community Solar Subscriptions to be Connected to Portland Facilities

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Community Solar

SPI Energy Co, Ltd. and Common Energy have recently entered into a partnership that will connect new community solar subscriptions to six facilities being built in Portland. The community solar sites are part of Portland General Electric’s territory, located in the greater Portland area. In total, the six sites are expected to generate 17-megawatts of energy once they’re completed in late-2021 or early-2022.

SPI owns the six solar sites and estimates that they will generate more than 24 million-kilowatt hours of renewable power each year. That is the equivalent of more than 15 million pounds of carbon emissions. The new community solar subscriptions will help these sites reach their potential as benefits to Portland’s environment.

Oregon’s Community Solar Program sparked SPI’s interest in developing six new sites in Oregon. Established in 2016, the program states that new community solar subscriptions can be offered to homeowners and small businesses in designated service areas. Those that participate are eligible to receive monthly credits that will offset their typical energy bill. These credits will equal the amount of their share in the solar project they’re subscribed to.

By constructing six new sites and adding them to Portland General Electric’s territory, SPI and Common Energy are expanding the reach of community solar. The more facilities that exist, the more new community solar subscriptions that can be offered. This will improve the impact of households and small businesses on the environment and open up renewable energy to low- to middle-income households. 

With community solar, homeowners are not responsible for building private solar panels on their property. All energy used by new community solar subscriptions comes from facilities built throughout Portland and outlying territories. The cost of maintenance and upkeep falls on the developer overseeing the site.

Homeowners looking to become part of SPI’s new community solar subscriptions can enroll with Common Energy at its official website.


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