Community Solar Grant Promotes Development in Northeast Ohio

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Community Solar

A community solar grant of $1.25 million has been awarded to Growth Opportunity Partners (Growth Opps) to promote the development of renewable energy options in Northeast Ohio. The George Gund Foundation, an institution dedicated to increasing awareness of the environment, is behind the sizable grant and has been an active player in other financial awards. Earlier in 2020, the foundation provided $2.3 million in initial funding for Growth Ops to establish a clean energy platform. According to the George Gund Foundation, the $1.25 million brings its total clean energy investments to $3.55 million.

Growth Opps, an African American led non-profit that invests in the local community, is behind the Go Green Energy Fund. The fund aims to bring clean, renewable energy and innovative solutions to Northern Ohio communities. Go Green focuses primarily on underserved communities and utilizes its funding to develop environment-friendly solutions.

While there are no solid plans for the community solar grant, BC Hough has been looking for a means to bring solar solutions to Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood. Growth Opps has expressed interest in working with BC Hough to orchestrate a solar solution to bring clean and affordable energy to Cleveland’s low- to middle-income communities. Along with reducing electricity costs in the area, the construction, maintenance, and operation of a new solar site would result in jobs coming to the area.

According to the George Gund Foundation’s program director, John Mitterholzer, the institution is thrilled to continue its work with Growth Opps and hopes to make some headway in bringing community solar and clean energy options to Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. Growth Opps CEO & President, Michael Jeans, emphasized that Growth Opps is the first Green Bank model in the nation to be led by African Americans. Jeans also confirmed the organization’s directive to find a means of delivering clean and renewable energy.


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