Future Community Solar Projects Promising After Yorktown Solar Agreement

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Community Solar

Residents of the Town of Yorktown, NY will benefit from future community solar projects through the town’s new solar power pact. The pact is expected to save the town approximately $25,000 per year through an energy credit agreement. Supervisor Matt Slater signed the pact last week with Lodestar Energy, a company recently known for a new solar array in the Town of Nichols.

Yorktown’s agreement with Lodestar is a guaranteed means of reducing the town’s carbon emissions, a goal set by the entirety of New York. Slater justified signing the pact by noting that Yorktown would become a pioneer of solar and renewable energy in Westchester County. Additionally, he felt the agreement, which came shortly after a new facility came online to generate power for up to 40 homes.

One of the biggest benefits to the town and community to come from this solar purchase agreement is the advent of local future community solar projects. Through the agreement, which is part of the Sustainable Westchester movement to bring clean energy to the county, homeowners could see a bigger emphasis on community solar. These programs allow tenants, small business owners, and homeowners to participate in solar energy without the cost of private solar panels.

According to Nina Orville, Sustainable Westchester director of solar programs, the agreement with Lodestar will also provide clean, renewable energy to the town. Like the residents who can participate in community solar programs, the Town of Yorktown will tap into Lodestar’s facilities and draw energy to power its municipal buildings.

As discussed during a Dec. 17 seminar with Sustainable Westchester and town representatives, future community solar projects will offer cost-saving options for small businesses, homeowners, renters, and condo owners, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to take part in sustainable energy.

Yorktown and Lodestar will continue to work together to ensure a successful implementation of future solar programs.


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