Suffolk County Community Solar Project to See Future Expansion

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Community Solar

A Suffolk County community solar project is set to expand after Green Stream Holdings, Inc. announced a change in its agreement with Genesis Petroleum, Inc. The solar energy innovator sought to increase the presence of community solar across Long Island, NY county. Green Stream Holdings saw the opportunity to do so and has been working with Genesis, a service station retailer, to expand the community solar pilot project agreement between the two companies.

According to the expanded agreement, Green Stream will be able to build and install additional canopies at five Genesis stations. These stations, all scattered across Long Island, are in busy areas with no obstructions blocking the sun. Once construction is completed, the canopies will be part of the Suffolk County community solar programs spearheaded by Green Stream Holdings. The energy produced will be distributed back into the energy grid, from which Green Stream will receive revenue. Genesis will be paid by its partner through monthly payments.

The new solar installations are to be designed based on Morali Architects projects. A partner of Green Stream, Morali Architects is run by famed architect Antony Morali. Construction and installation of the canopies will be overseen by Green Hybrid Energy Solutions, Inc, which is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. All funding to install the canopies for the Suffolk County community solar project will be primarily subsidized by federal, state, and local municipalities.

Madelina Cammarata, Green Stream Holdings President, spoke about the agreement, stating it is laying the foundation for additional growth. As the locations provide a sizable revenue to Green Stream, the solar investment company will seek additional expansion of the agreement with Genesis.

Green Stream Holdings is an investment company based out of Wyoming, with offices in Malibu, CA, and New York, NY. It focuses heavily on renewable energy projects, specifically in markets that have yet to see an increase in clean power.


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