Starbucks Adding Community Solar Investments to Renewables Initiative

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Community Solar

In an effort to do its part to promote the benefits of clean, renewable energy, Starbucks is sinking time and money into becoming a more “resource positive company.” Among some of the projects included in its planned pathway are a series of community solar investments targeted for New York State. Under Governor Andrew Cuomo’s direction, New York has become a leader in the nationwide community solar efforts, drawing the attention of major solar companies and proponents of clean energy like Starbucks.

According to Starbucks’ community solar investments plan, it will be providing New York State with nearly $97 million worth of solar projects. Up to 23 community solar facilities will be large enough to provide energy for approximately 24,000 homeowners, renters, small businesses, and community and municipality buildings. The coffee company’s solar initiative will also benefit some of its local New York stores. 

The drive to bring more community solar sites to New York is only part of Starbucks’ efforts to push renewables. Its diversified portfolio builds upon its renewable energy efforts, including sourcing 100% clean energy for its stores since 2015. During the company’s Biennial Investor Day, CEO and president Kevin Johnson announced an energy plan that will reduce its carbon and waste production by 50%. Johnson also noted that Starbucks will be looking to cut its contribution to water withdrawal by half. These goals have been set for 2030. 

To further improve environmental impact around the nation, Starbucks is investing it multiple projects and developments across the country. Along with the New York State community solar investments, the coffee company will work with a Virginian solar farm to offset half of its coffee bean production via a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement. The company will also enter into a VPPA and Virtual Storage Agreement with LevelTen Energy to direct renewable energy to more than 500 stores in the state. 

More on Starbucks’ renewable energy plan can be found on the official website.


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