Proposed Community Solar Project Goes in Front of Public

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Community Solar

After a significant stall in August, Eden Renewables will continue to pursue its proposed community solar project for Gloversville, NY. The project was originally slated for a hearing earlier this year, but the lack of a public hearing notice forced the Planning Board to postpone its review to a future date. The Common Council recently announced that the request to rezone three parcels of the former Pine Brook Golf Club will finally be put in front of the public.

The public hearing was scheduled after John Antonucci of Antonucci Foods filed a request to change zoning for three parcels created on the 155-acre former golf club on S. Main St. Once a petition is received, the city has 30 days to schedule a hearing. How this will affect Gloversville’s proposed community solar project is yet to be known, but the public will have the chance to discuss and review the subdivision that the Planning Board approved earlier in October. That approval created a 57-acre lot, a 2-acre parcel, and 1.46 acres that would combine with Antonucci Foods’ property. Additionally, a 91-acre lot around the property’s perimeter would also be formed.

The former Pine Brook Golf Club must be rezoned for Eden Renewables’ proposed community solar project, which would be located at the center of the land. The parcel will need to be rezoned as a commercial zone as, according to city code, solar installations are not permitted in R1 residential zones.

Antonucci’s petition requests that the center lot, 2-acre parcel, and 1.46-acre parcel be rezoned as commercial property. If the rezoning is approved, Eden Renewables will file a special permit to the Planning Board. The permit will approve the construction of a community solar farm on the larger center parcel.

According to Eden, the proposed community solar project will be 35-acres large, with 15 to 20’ gaps between rows of panels. The site will include axis tracker solar panels to track the sun’s movement and maximize solar energy generation. Upon completion, the facility will have a capacity of 7.5-megawatts and could produce power for 1,225 homes.

With the solar program, city residents would be able to participate in clean energy through a subscription service. Subscribers will benefit from solar power and receive a 10 to 15% credit on their monthly utility bills.

The council has the ability to reject the approval, which would force Eden to obtain a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals to allow for the construction of the solar site.


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