Solar Investment Company Brings New Community Solar Projects to New York

solar panels on roof
Community Solar

C2 Energy Capital has brought two new community solar projects to New York, delivering 5.5-megawatts. The projects were constructed in Johnstown and Caledonia, NY, and will play an active role in reducing carbon emissions in the state. C2 Energy, a solar investment company, owns and operates the new installations. They were installed in conjunction with New York’s Community Distributed Generation program, which sees residential and commercial customers benefiting from regional solar projects.

Customers looking to take part in community solar can take advantage of the Johnstown and Caledonia installations. These types of projects best serve homeowners that can’t afford to install solar panels or don’t have space for them. These individuals can subscribe to C2’s projects and receive monthly discounts on their power bills.

Upon completion, the C2 community solar projects started generating enough power to run just under 800 residences. The installations were funded by New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) through the NY-Sun initiative spearheaded by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s. As part of the initiative, the state is working to ramp up solar production until its renewable energy is self-sufficient. The projects also aids the Green New Deal, which pushes for 70% of New York’s electricity to be provided by renewable sources by 2030. The deal also calls for 6,000-megawatts of solar installations constructed by 2025.

According to NYSERDA CEO, Alicia Barton, when C2 Energy Capital brought the new community solar projects to New York, it took a step in providing clean energy at an affordable price to businesses and residents.

C2 Energy Capital has solar projects throughout the United States. These include a 2.1-megawatt farm in Swansea, MA, a .2-megawatt installation in Napa County, CA, and a Jacksonville, FL farm that produces 7-megawatts of electricity. C2’s website describes its work as collaborative, stating it works with local landowners and developers to provide clean energy solutions to commercial and residential customers.


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