Large Community Solar Facility Completed in New York

Community Solar

Sunrise Solar Solutions, a New York solar developer, recently cut the ribbon on a new, large community solar facility. The 226.1-kilowatt system constructed at the Tarrytown Self Storage is part of the state’s efforts to drive clean energy and reduce carbon emissions.

According to Sunrise Solar Solutions president and CEO Douglas Hertz, since the company’s founding 11 years ago, its primary directive has been to deliver renewable energy to homeowners and small businesses. As it moves forward with future projects, Sunrise Solar is delighted to be taking part in a cleaner New York.

Paul Ferraro, president of Tarrytown Self Storage, had been looking for an efficient way to go green. Turning to solar, he contacted Sunrise Solar Solutions and worked with them to turn the facility’s roof into a renewable energy system. Instead of a standard system, though, he requested one that would be able to power local businesses and homes throughout Tarrytown.

Ferraro isn’t done with just the one large community solar facility, though. He explained that he hopes to expand the operations to additional parts of Westchester County. He and Sunrise are working together to develop future plans to add rooftop solar to his other businesses. Like the Tarrytown Self Storage facility installation, those would also add community solar programs throughout New York. 

Hertz commented on the drive for pushing community solar, stating that the measurable impact on the surrounding community is important to Sunrise’s mission. Subscribers that take part in the community solar program at Tarrytown Self Storage are eligible to receive monthly credits on their utility bills. By subscribing, consumers are taking an active role in the protection of the environment. Typical community solar programs offer a 20-year term and allow participants to opt-out early without any penalty. 

Where Ferraro plans to install his next community solar facility has yet to be announced, but his drive indicates it will be coming in the near future.


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