Cost-Saving Community Solar Program Now Available in Two New York Towns

solar panels for alternative energy source
Community Solar

Thanks to the cost-saving community solar program of Monroe Community Power, residents of Irondequoit and Pittsford will be able to cut down their monthly electric bill. The community solar program, which also helps reduce New York’s carbon emissions, is among the first efforts of its kind to reach the two towns. 

Irondequoit town councilwoman Kimie Romeo supported the Monroe Community Power solar program’s adoption into Irondequoit and Pittsford. Shortly after subscriptions were open to residents of the town, Romeo noted a 10% decrease in her monthly utility bills. 

Working with Monroe Community Power is Joule Community Power. Joule is overseeing the cost-saving community solar program and handles subscriptions. When a new participant subscribes, Joule Community Power arranges for their electricity to come from either Bennett, Macedon, Whittier, or Williamson solar farms. Since all four locations are activated and operational, subscribers see the savings immediately.

According to Romeo, the towns are in a unique position where there is more opportunity than homeowners. However, she feels that there will be a tipping point where the scale will shift and more community solar programs will be necessary to accommodate the uptick in interested parties. She also confirmed that the respective town receives $50 toward a sustainability fund for every resident who subscribes. 

These funds are intended to further develop sustainability projects, like solar facilities. Romeo revealed that Irondequoit is not short on ideas and hopes to bring more solar spaces and green charging stations to local venues like playgrounds. The ultimate vision is to switch the town to 100% renewable resources, Romeo states. This would be in line with New York state’s own goals: increasing renewables and decreasing carbon emissions completely. 

Currently, Irondequoit residents can subscribe to the local cost-saving community solar program through Joule Community Power. Pittsford residents will see opportunities open in the near future. 


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