Community Solar Savings May Come to Yorktown

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Community Solar

If a proposed carport project is approved in Yorktown, the region may see community solar savings pass down from Consolidated Edison (ConEd). Granite Knolls sports complex is being eyed for a new solar project that would be constructed within its parking area. Sunrise Solar Solutions would take over the construction, which would consist of raised solar panels built over the complex’s outdoor parking.

Upon approval and completion, the new project could lead to a $60,000 increase in annual revenue for Yorktown. The money will come from a lease agreement for the project, president of Sunrise Solar Solutions, Doug Hertz, confirmed. This kind of lease typically runs for 25 years, with renewal options for five-year extensions. Hertz believes the total revenue gain for Yorktown could be more than $2 million for a 30-year lease.

For Yorktown, it’s 100% profit as it wouldn’t be providing funds for the project. To fund the construction, Sunrise Solar would partner with SunPower. According to Hertz, SunPower is a well-known carport designer, manufacturer, and installer and delivers quality work.

Construction of the solar project would require the Granite Knolls parking lot to be paved. None of the surrounding trees have been eyed for removal, however. When completed, Yorktown will have the option to install car chargers through pre-installed infrastructure.

The community solar savings potentially provided by the parking lot installations would benefit ConEd customers only. In Yorktown, residents receive power from ConEd and New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG). NYSEG customers would not be able to partake in the community solar program. ConEd customers, however, could subscribe and benefit from a monthly discount on their utility bill.

Though New York state is not paying for the project, since construction is being performed on a “parkland,” it requires state approval. Until local officials give their approval, the project is at a stand-still. There is currently no proposed timeline for approval.


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