Community Solar Subscribers Help Support Local Food Bank

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Marbletown, NY received a generous donation from Hudson Valley Community Power (HVCP) to reward the residents for being community solar subscribers. The $9,000 check was provided to the Marbletown Trails Community and will be used to construct a new walking trail connecting RidgeWeell Fitness to Ulster County Community College. An additional $1,600 was given to the Rondout Valley Food Pantry by HVCP to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The community solar subscribers in Marbletown are responsible for helping generate solar electricity. For being part of the program, they receive a monthly discount on their utility bills. HVCP agreed to pay $50 for every resident that signed up, and that money was to be allocated for local relief. At the time of the press release announcing the donation, only the Trails Committee was considered. However, HVCP saw value in dividing the donations between the committee and the food pantry.

To stick with the topic of environmental conservation, the new walking path will result in minimal tree-cutting. It will also only be filled with a minimal layer of gravel. To help with the overflow of parking, the Trails Committee is looking at adding up to 20 parking spaces. According to Carl Pezzino, a Trails Committee member, the path is only the first step in the attempts at connecting High Fall sand Stone Ridge in a loop also connected to the O&W Rail Trail. Pezzino stated that the trails have seen nearly three times the number of people since the start of the pandemic.

Charlotte Knapp, a Food Pantry board member, showed appreciation for HVCP’s donation, stating it was necessary to keep the pantry operational. Knapp confirmed that 15,032 individuals had been served by the pantry since March. The donation generated by the community solar subscribers will help offset the program’s cost, including the gas reimbursement required to launch a delivery service. Due to minimal donations, workers at the food pantry often buy the supplies they need.

HVCP will continue to donate money as more residents sign up for the community solar program.


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