New York Town Offers Virtual Community Solar Presentation

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Community Solar

Being a relatively new concept, solar energy is still shrouded in many questions. To help customers understand the benefits and how switching will work for them and the environment, the Town of Grand Island, NY has organized a virtual community solar live presentation. With the help of local agencies, the town has created the seminars as a means of providing valuable information on how community solar programs work and the importance of switching to renewable energy.

At the helm of the virtual presentation are Councilwoman Jennifer Baney; Director of the Golden Age Center, Jennifer Menter; Jason Kulaszewski, the clean energy coordinator at the University at Buffalo Regional Institute; and PUSH Buffalo Program Assistant Lou Dejesus. This qualified team of individuals worked together in response to Grand Island resident requests to learn more about solar parks and community solar.

According to Councilwoman Baney, many inquiries were submitted regarding the process to buy into community solar. Wanting to provide them with the answers they sought, she reached out to experts in renewable energy to get the ball rolling on the community solar presentation. 

Working to disperse the seminar to residents of Grand Island was a learning experience for Jennifer Menter. When talking about the virtual program, she commended it for being interactive and an important step to teaching about solar and why it’s become a popular source of energy.

Residents of the Town of Grand Island can partake in the virtual community solar presentation, which will be held over a Zoom meeting. The seminar will be held on June 30, 2020, at 2:00 PM and will be accessible by logging on to the Solar Energy Zoom Meeting at this link. Participants will enter Meeting ID “898 5615 3493” and Passcode “025688.”

There is no charge to partake in the seminar, and it will be available on the Town of Grand Island YouTube page after the live stream ends.


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