New York Community Solar Developers Assisted by Joint Venture

Solar Cells in Community Solar Projects
Community Solar

A joint venture between Community Power Partners and Genie Energy subsidiary CityCom Solar brightens the future for New York community solar developers. CPP Genie Community Solar will act as a means of delivering customer management and solicitation for produces of solar energy throughout New York State. The joint venture will accomplish this under new consolidated billing programs instituted by the state, where customers are eligible to receive monthly credits for being part of a community solar garden.

These credits are the cornerstone of community solar, and CPP Genie Community Solar will help drive home the notion of saving while protecting the environment to accrue new subscribers. Every customer who participates in a community solar program plays an active role in reducing New York’s carbon emissions, currently working to drastically reduce.

Community Power Partners is itself an aggregation company and will provide the bulk of the accrual services as part of the venture. Solar marketer CityCom Solar will help market the New York community solar developers’ plans to drive interest and spread the word on the benefits of solar power.

According to Community Power Partners’ co-founder and managing director Michael Mollin, the joint venture will primarily focus on community solar projects within National Grid’s territory. CPP Genie Community Solar will help National Grid as the first utility of its kind to provide consolidated billing as an option for its solar distribution initiative.

Community Power Partners has been responsible for enrolling customers into community solar programs since its formation in April 2018. It has been part of over 70-megawatts of solar arrays and will continue to grow its portfolio with CPP Genie Community Solar. CityCom Solar is best known for its experience in solar marketing and customer acquisition in the energy industry. Much of the team it’s bringing to the joint venture have solidified themselves as veterans in the industry.


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