Community Solar Consultant Job Openings in Western New York

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Community Solar

With the increase in access to community solar, the companies managing the many programs require more and more employees to draw in subscribers. Common Energy, a Maryland and New York provider, oversees multiple projects and has hired at least 100 community solar consultants. Since the hiring process occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, the new employees are being trained as at-home consultants for Common Energy’s numerous projects.

To ensure the new hires are prepared, Common Energy is offering online training. Since there is much to know as a community solar consultant, the company rolled out an updated virtual training program. Broken down into modules, the training is designed to deliver information more efficiently for employees. This allows them to learn about the company’s mission, the history of community solar, how it will benefit their local community, and the importance of renewable energy.

Upon completing the required training, consultants are tasked with reaching out to their community to offer low-cost solar options. These are offered through state-backed programs that offer businesses and residences savings on their utility bills. According to Common Energy’s website, customers can receive 10% savings on their electricity bill and take part in reducing emissions by 90%. There is no upfront cost to subscribe.

Common Energy started hiring to help reduce the strain on the economy from the pandemic. The positions were intended to help those that suffered from a reduction in hours or a total loss of employment. Consultants that complete training and successfully bring on new customers are eligible to earn at least $1,000 per week.

The community solar provider is offering employment opportunities in Western New York and is accepting applicants through its website. Scheduling for a community solar consultant is flexible and allows employees to work around children and their family’s needs.


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