New Paltz Community Solar Made More Accessible

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Community Solar

New Paltz, NY residents were given the opportunity to save on their utility bills last week when they received letters that advised them on how to tap into the region’s community solar projects. In an effort to ensure renewable energy remains a focus of residents, New Paltz community solar is being offered to those already set up to receive 100% of their power from renewable, clean sources throughout New York. 

Homeowners and renters that may be benefiting from the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) will be able to partake in separate community solar programs. Currently, the new community solar programs will allow residents to pay for renewable energy at a discount or pay an additional cost through an outside power service company. Among the first to sign up for the New Paltz community solar option was supervisor Neil Bettez. According to Bettez, while the program has its perks, it creates two utility bills that may be confusing to some homeowners.

While CCA was running before the presence of a community solar option, future subscribers will be able to register for community solar through the municipal aggregation. They’ll go through Joule Community Power, the administrator for CCA. It was an effort made to make signing up for community solar in New Paltz easier so more customers would be inclined to subscribe. Along with a simplified registration process, customers also receive a 10% discount on their utility bill. 

For every new customer that Joule receives, $50 will be donated to the Family of New Paltz, a food pantry that serves low-income individuals. As of the June 4th town council meeting, Bettez confirmed that $1,000 had already been committed. 

Residents that sign up for New Paltz community solar and decide to opt out can do so with ease. The program requires no commitment, though any that does unsubscribe will lose their 10% discount.


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