New Community Solar Program Launched Through New Partnership

energy panels at solar farm
Community Solar

A partnership with Kiwi Energy, a supplier of energy and natural gas products, and Ampion, a Public Benefits Corporation, has resulted in a new community solar program in New York. The project, which is slated to benefit customers within a region serviced by Ampion, is available at no upfront costs and, like all community solar programs, requires no installation. Customers of Kiwi Energy will have the opportunity to subscribe to the solar farm for a discount on their monthly utility bills.

To increase the accessibility of solar energy to residential customers, New York has launched an initiative to increase the production of renewable energy. Among the measures taken are new community solar programs, such as the one launched by Kiwi Energy and Ampion. These programs offer qualifying customers the opportunity to participate in clean energy without installing rooftop panels.  

Kiwi Energy is spearheading subscriptions for the new community solar program. It will be giving qualified customers access to units of energy. According to the President of Retail Operations Richard Booth, solar power reduces CO2 emissions annually by over 73 million metric tons. Efforts like the partnership with Ampion increase that number and help bring states like New York to a goal of net-zero emissions. Customers that participate are taking an active role in preserving the environment and reducing their impact.

Ampion strives to deliver clean energy to homeowners and businesses by finding new and innovative ways of making it easier to access. The corporation thrives on providing new ways to make renewable energy accessible to residences everywhere. It has launched a campaign to push community solar and often works with companies like Kiwi to expand the reach of these essential programs. 

According to Ampion’s website, by signing up for community solar, customers can save up to 10% on their electricity bills. Along with no start-up fees, customers can also cancel at any time without incurring a penalty. 


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