New Community Solar Farm Coming to Martinsburg, NY

alternative energy source with solar panels
Community Solar

Residents of Martinsburg, NY, will have access to a new community solar farm being built at Flat Rock Road. The construction of the facility has already begun and, once completed, will be a 4.8-megawatt community solar installation. The company behind the development, US Light Energy, expects to complete the project by spring 2021.

According to Scot Schechner, the company’s communications outreach and engagement manager, the new community solar farm will serve the local community and provide homeowners, tenants, and small businesses with unimpeded access to low-cost solar energy. Typically, homeowners will need to purchase and install private solar panels on their property. Community solar opens up the option for low-income residents to participate in renewable energy.

Schechner noted that the Flat Rock Road location was chosen for the new community solar farm partly due to the ample sunlight that it receives. Additionally, the Martinsburg site featured suitable topography and closer proximity to necessary infrastructure for development. The construction costs will also be lower for the chosen location than other sites considered by US Light Energy.

He went on to explain how to explain that the completion of the facility will lower the cost of electricity for participating residents. When subscribers join the community solar facility, they help generate clean energy, which positively impacts the local ecology. They’ll enjoy these benefits without having to install anything at their home.

Homeowners and small businesses that participate in the new community solar farm will receive a monthly credit toward their utility bill. They will receive a single bill from their currency utility company that could result in a negative balance depending on how much energy they use. A second bill will be sent from US Light at the rate negotiated at the time of signup. This bill will be lower than the typical bill homeowners had been receiving from their utility provider.


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