Community Solar Options Under Consideration by Genesee County

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Community Solar

Three community solar options are under consideration by the Genesee County Economic Development Center (GCEDC). The announcement came when the board of directors revealed it was considering approval of more than $9 million in incentives for a LandPro Equipment, LLC project. While the LandPro projects will bring upwards of 60 jobs to Genesee County, the community solar projects would be able to generate cost-saving energy for homeowners and small businesses in and around the county.

After GCEDC discusses its decision on LandPro’s project, the board of directors will review applications of three community solar options. The options come from Forefront Power, LLC, and Solar Liberty. The application for Forefront is for a 5-megawatt facility to be developed on Norton Road in Elba. GCEDC will need to approve approximately $9.7 million for Forefront to be able to complete the facility. According to Forefront’s application, the project will generate upwards of $520,000 revenue for the county, Elba, and the local school district over a 15-year lifespan.

Solar Liberty submitted an application for two community solar options. The smallest of them will be a 4-megawatt facility and the largest will produce just one megawatt more. Solar is looking for a more than $7 million investment from the GCEDC to develop the projects in Pembroke. The development company expects the two facilities to generate at least $850,000 in revenue for the county, Pembroke, and the Akron Central School District over the same 15-year agreement that Forefront proposed.

The GCEDC board of directors will need to consider the benefits of the three community solar options to not only the county and town but to the residents of both. Community solar generates electricity that offers homeowners and small businesses lower-cost electricity. For each of the community solar options, residents and businesses can subscribe to a unit of energy. In exchange for participating in the program, they receive a credit toward their monthly energy bill.

Consideration for the three community solar options could come during its latest board of directors meeting.


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