Approved Community Solar Plan to Provide 10% Savings for Moriah Residents

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Community Solar

During a Nov. 12 meeting, the Moriah Town Board discussed a community solar plan that could result in savings for its residents. After discussing the fate of a former garage, the board moved on to vote on a community solar plan that would bring renewable energy to the area and provide homeowners with cost-saving benefits.

The approved community solar plan is expected to give residents a 10% discount on their monthly utility bills. According to Board Member Nate Gilbo, the plan is part of New York’s push to reduce its overall carbon emissions and switch municipalities to using primarily solar and clean energy. In the past year, New York has made considerable strides to its solar programs under Gov. Cuomo’s goal of installing 6,000 megawatts of solar facilities by 2025.

Homeowners and small businesses wouldn’t be the only ones to benefit from the community solar plan. According to the plan, the Town of Moriah will also see a savings of approximately $900 per year. For every resident and business it refers to the program, the town will also receive a small bonus.

When the planned community solar facility is operational, homeowners will be able to subscribe to a unit of electricity. There are no penalties should they decide to cancel their subscription and the monthly credit is applied directly to their bill.

Gilbo was optimistic that the development of the community solar site would open Moriah up to future opportunities. The hope is to increase the energy efficiency of homes throughout the town, directly impacting New York’s overall net-zero carbon goals.

Additional to the Moriah town community solar plan, the board talked about additional solar projects near Decker Flats. The town currently has projects approved and is waiting for construction. According to the agreement on that facility, Decker Flats won’t receive tax money for the land, but it will generate revenue from the arrangement with the solar company overseeing the development.


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