A Community Solar Partnership Blossoms in New York

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Community Solar

Having a solar farm is only half the battle in producing renewable energy. You then need to form a community solar partnership to help distribute that power to customers. In New York, such a partnership formed between the Source Power Company and TJA Clean Energy. The two will combine efforts to manage TJA’s solar portfolio, which includes having Source Power Company bring in new subscribers.

The pairing is part of the 80-megawatt community solar portfolio designed by TJA for the state of New York. The project is located within the National Grid service territory and is intended to conveniently deliver clean energy to consumers at a lower cost.

Through the community solar partnership with TJA Clean Energy, Source Power can expand its reach to outlying communities. The more subscribers it’s able to obtain, the more and more New York will make the shift to primary utilizing renewable energy.

According to the CEO of TJA, Alan Alves, the company decided on Source Power because of many factors. Chief among them is the company’s proven record of managing solar customers and billing subscribers. Alternatively, the CEO at Source Power Company, Victor Ferreira, looks forward to the expansion for community solar that it’s partnership with TJA offers.

Source Power Company has a track record of effective management, gained through its years of experience. At the time of the community solar partnership with TJA, the company had the lowest market costs for operation and acquisition. It also provides subscribers of its solar projects an immediate return with day-one benefits. This is in opposition to other companies, which require customers to wait for a commercial operation date.

The community solar partnership allows the two companies to offer simplified billing and increase the spread of community solar. Together, Source Power Company and TJA Clean Energy can reach a vast consumer base that will help deliver clean, renewable energy to those in need.


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