Community Solar Developer Proposes Facility in Moreau, NY

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Community Solar

US Light Energy submitted a proposal for a 10-megawatt community solar project at the site of an older golf course. Though the Moreau Town Board opted to vote against commercial solar developments in residential areas, the community solar developer came in with a plan to build on the lot, despite being surrounded by lots of housing.

The community solar facility is proposed for the old Tee Bird South Golf Course at 65 Reynolds Road. Zoned R-3, the parcel does not allow for larger solar arrays. However, US Light Energy circumvented the regulations by proposing it as a Planned Unit Development (PUD). PUDs are typically a series of projects that work together but don’t fit in the same zoning. To ensure its project qualifies as a PUD, the community solar developer will build two arrays and offer the remaining land for recreational use.

US Light Energy will give 91.81 acres to the Town of Moreau, NY, and construct 66 acres worth of solar arrays. Each facility will generate 10-megawatts of solar energy, or enough to power upwards of 1,300 homes. All electricity generated will be filtered through the National Grid, where it will increase the amount of renewable energy it distributes to its customers.

Community solar facilities offer underserved communities, low- to middle-income residents, and small businesses the opportunity to participate in clean energy. Subscribers receive a portion of the energy generated and, in return, receive a monthly credit toward their utility bills. Subscribers typically can sign up for a nominal fee and are able to end their contract at no penalty.

The proposed US Light Energy facility in Moreau is up for review at the Planning Board. If approved by the board, it will undergo a vetting process to ensure it meets the needs and demands of the nearby residents. Should the proposal be denied, US Light Energy has nother route through the Zoning Board.


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