Connecticut Community Solar Developer to Take on New York Project

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Community Solar

Connecticut community solar developer Lodestar Energy has partnered with PowerMarket to help operate a 7.5-megawatt community solar project in New York. The site, located in Tioga, will benefit from the expertise of PowerMarket and Lodestar Energy, both of which have a proven track record in the renewables market.

According to PowerMarket’s co-founder, Nick Baudouin, the company has called upon its partners at Sustainable Westchester to assemble a team of experts that can help maximize the perks of the new community solar site. PowerMarket’s partnership with the Connecticut community solar developer will help expand New York’s community solar offerings and provide residents with access to clean energy.

New York City has been on a path to achieve 100% net zero emissions by 2050. The state shares a similar goal and relies on projects like this 7.5-megawatt community solar program to reach that goal. The partnership between Lodestar and PowerMarket is a step in mitigating the impact that energy production has on the environment. 

Lodestar Energy co-founder Jaime Smith spoke of the partnership and community solar, saying that the latter comes with social, environmental, and financial benefits. Smith referenced the difficulties that come with handling a community solar project and touted PowerMarket as an essential piece of the puzzle in getting the New York project off the ground. He praised PowerMarket’s knowledge of solar and its proven ability to meet customer needs.

With the 7.5-megawatt community solar project, more residents in New York, specifically in the Tioga area, will be able to partake in solar energy. By opting into the program, homeowners will receive a monthly utility bill credit, which helps curb the cost of electricity. This allows low to moderate-income homeowners to afford solar with having to skimp and save for rooftop panels. 

NYSEG subscribers can sign up for the new community solar option at PowerMarket’s website.


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