First Community Solar Project Approved as Part of New Nevada Program

Community Solar
Community Solar

It has been a good week for community solar and clean energy storage in Nevada. The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) approved three projects for NV Energy, along with the state’s first community solar project after the Expanded Solar Access program was enacted. Along with the three solar farms, which make up 478-megawatts of solar and 338-megawatts of battery storage, the PUCN signed off on a project that would bring community solar to a Las Vegas high school.

The Mojave High School Solar Project is the first solar project of its kind to be developed after the passing of Assembly Bill 465 during the 2018 Nevada Legislative Session. According to the legislature, PUCN is required to generate solar power for low-income communities. The construction of the first community solar project will directly benefit the underserved communities of Las Vegas.

According to the submitted proposal, the community solar array will be built atop the Mojave High School off North Goldfield Street in North Las Vegas. Though the school is still temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PUCN has moved ahead with reviewing the plan for the future development of the solar garden.

When completed, the Mojave High School Solar Project will generate power for participants that subscribe to a unit of its electricity. Though plans haven’t been laid out yet, typically with community solar, homeowners receive power from the farm and a credit on their utility bill for participating in the program.

There is currently no timeline in place for the new community solar project, but the PUCN has also been hard at work on three individual solar developments. The Dry Lake Solar project, developed by NV Energy, will generate 150-megawatts and feature a 100-megawatt, four-hour storage facility in Clark County. Boulder Solar III and Chuckwalla Solar Project were also approved and are expected to generate a total of 328-megawatts of solar, also in Clark County.


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