New Las Vegas Community Solar Project Among NV Energy’s 2020 Plans

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Community Solar

NV Energy is poising itself to bring a new Las Vegas community solar project to life. The Nevada-based power company is looking to make upgrades to its infrastructure, including a new transmission line, that will help Northern and Southern Nevada promote the development of renewable energy.

Among the upgrades is a .35-megawatt solar installation at Mojave High School in Las Vegas. The $1.56 million project will be the first Las Vegas community solar project for the high school. NV Energy hopes to begin construction soon on the array for a completion date of the end of 2021.

Additional to the community solar project and the upgraded transmission line, NV Energy is looking at building three solar storage projects. The plans for the trio of storage projects show a solar generation capacity of 478 megawatts. They will also have 338 megawatts of battery storage. According to the utility company, that is enough power to keep 107,000 homes in Las Vegas running.

Though NV Energy has typically focused on power purchase agreements, the company is changing its renewable strategy. Among the trio of projects is the Dry Lake Solar Project, a 150-megawatt solar project that will be owned directly by NV Energy. It will also feature a 100-megawatt battery storage facility. The Dry Lake project is currently being planned for a parcel of Bureau of Land Management land 20 miles northeast of the city.

Not only will proposed concepts like the Dry Lake Solar Project and the new Las Vegas community solar project bring more renewable energy to Nevada, NV Energy states that new jobs will also be created. Ultimately, the utility company hopes that the upgrades it’s making and the new programs its implementing will have a positive effect on Nevada’s economy.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on new projects, NV Energy is hopeful that it will be able to make immediate moves on the upgrades and construction of new projects. If all goes as expected, the battery storage facility will exceed the target initially set by the Public Utilities Commission, which called for 1,000 megawatts of energy storage by 2030.


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