New Jersey to See a New Significant Community Solar Host

Solar Panels in Open Field
Community Solar

Duke Realty, a real estate investment trust (REIT), is lined up to become New Jersey’s largest community solar host. The solar project it will host will be installed on its property’s rooftops. Upon completion, it’s expected to have covered one million square feet of roofing with the solar project.

The new community solar host will implement four projects with the help of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU). The initial installation will total 11.07 megawatts, which is a significant step toward the NJBPU’s goal of 77.61 megawatts of solar energy across a three year Community Solar Energy Pilot Program.

The primary goal of the new projects is to allow renters, homeowners, and business owners to benefit from renewable energy without installing solar panels. The savings of not installing panels and the discount associated with the community solar program will leave residential and commercial properties with a return not seen with traditional electricity.

When the projects are complete, Duke Realty will stand as the largest host for community solar in New Jersey. The benefit to the community is more than 250 million kilowatts of power spread across 20 years of service. Though Duke Realty is hosting the installations, Solar Landscape will handle the management and operation of them. The New Jersey-based solar integration developer has a portfolio of many projects, including Astoria Studio, Cinemark, ESPN, and Nourison.

The space being provided by Duke Realty will be installed with photovoltaic panels. These will be the primary generators of solar energy, which Solar Landscape will then ensure is passed down to the community. To further benefit the region, Solar Landscape will offer job training and certifications for solar applications.

Solar Landscape has estimated that nearly half of the produced electricity will go to low- to moderate-income households. It also estimates that over 9,000 tons of emissions will be prevented due to Duke Realty’s project.


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