First Community Solar Projects Arrive in Northern New Jersey

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Community Solar

The first community solar projects in northern New Jersey have arrived thanks to Hartz Solar and New Jersey PowerMarket. The two companies created a partnership to bring community solar to Essex and Hudson County as part of the NJ Community Solar Energy Pilot Program. The program is geared toward expanding the reach of community solar throughout New Jersey to decrease its carbon footprint.

Four community solar projects were awarded to Hartz Solar, and the total of them is expected to generate 7.5 million kWh of renewable energy annually. This would be enough electricity to power approximately 1,000 homes, and all of those homes would receive credits toward their PSE&G utility bill. By signing up for the future first community solar projects in northern New Jersey, customers will also become part of the clean energy revolution spreading throughout the state.

According to Hartz Mountain Industries, Inc. executive vice president, Lawrence Garb, PowerMarket was chosen for its solar energy expertise. Garb explained that PowerMarket will be able to provide software maintenance to keep the solar arrays operational. Together, the pair will be able to fund the community solar projects, though it’s Solar Energy Systems, LLC. that will be performing the installation.

During the duration of the construction, Solar Energy Systems will also be offering employment opportunities and the necessary training. The company is specifically targeting graduates to provide them with a potential employment opportunity. Solar Energy has been working in New Jersey for 15 years, providing the state with clean energy solutions and jobs within the renewable energy industry. PowerMarket offers its own benefits to New Jersey, including educating Solar Energy.

Subscribers that join with Hartz will receive a 10% savings on their utility bills. Community solar allows low to moderate-income homeowners to takes advantage of renewable, clean energy. Through community solar, subscribers won’t need to build their own array. The power generated comes from one installation, and customers are able to buy into the energy generated.


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