New Jersey Welcomes First Community Solar Project

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Community Solar

New Jersey residents can finally benefit from access to clean, renewable solar energy with the completion of the state’s first community solar project. Solar Landscape was behind the construction of the Perth Amboy, NJ facility, which was first proposed as part of the state’s Public Utilities’ Community Solar Energy Pilot Program of 2019. Governor Phil Murphy supporting the pilot program under Executive Order No. 28, which promised the development of sites like the Perth Amboy installation to better serve low- to middle-income communities throughout New Jersey.

The Perth Amboy community solar project kicks off the success of the pilot program. With the completion of a facility, the state is one step closer to achieving Governor Murphy’s goal of reaching 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050. According to Murphy, “inclusive” power has always been his administration’s platform. He implemented the pilot program as the most viable means of providing low-cost clean energy to underserved communities in New Jersey.

New Jersey’s first community solar project covers approximately 1 million square feet of rooftop. Its total output exceeds 11 megawatts of energy, which is filtered into the community through local utility companies. Homeowners, small businesses, and renters are eligible to subscribe to the program and receive clean energy from the installation. In exchange for helping protect the environment, participants receive a credit on their monthly utility bills.

Community solar exists to serve communities and neighborhoods where private solar panels are an unlikely goal. Due to their high cost and space requirements, rooftop solar is often reserved for upscale communities. Community solar moves solar panels offsite and pumps power directly into the grid. There is no need for any private installation, and subscribers are not held to any long-term contract. They can cancel at any time.

Working with Solar Landscape to make the rooftop installation possible was Duke Realty. The real estate investor has worked with other community solar projects throughout the nation and is responsible for generating more than 28 megawatts of clean electricity.


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