New Jersey Solar Group Announces New Community Solar Division

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Community Solar

TGI Solar Power Group, Inc. of North Brunswick, NJ, has revealed plans to expand its role in renewable energy. The tech company has specifically emphasized its future in solar and the new community solar division created from its latest expansion. A focus on energy storage and customer-centric solar production is a first for the company but will help TGI deliver power to homeowners and businesses.

TGI’s Community Solar Renewables (CSR) division will develop new projects, starting from the design stage. It will oversee construction and, upon completion, will handle ownership, including managing operations. CSR starts by finding a new community solar project location, which includes determining a lease agreement with the site’s owner. With a location secured, CSR shifts its attention to financing, insurance, and filing for required permits.

Though the community solar division will handle most aspects of its future projects, CSR will hand subscription management to a third-party company. Who it will work with will vary dependent on location, but the subscriber management organization (SMO) will be responsible for bringing on new subscribers and overseeing their accounts. With community solar, bill credits are issued back to homeowners and businesses that subscribe. The SMO will manage this to ensure CSR’s subscribers receive their allotted return.

CSR will be strictly devoted to developing renewable energy projects that directly benefit the community. Its mission is to serve the community and push solar energy production. CSR will work in low-income areas, specifically those where their utility bill is disproportionate to their income.

While CSR will set its sights on community solar, TGI will continue its work in on and off-grid solar storage. Its battery storage systems and battery backups are intended to work with existing grids in the event of a power outage. To better accomplish this goal, TGI is looking to develop its own product line and build its own assembly plant.


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