New Jersey Community Solar Project Acquired by Solar Producer

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Community Solar

Solar power producer Navisun, LLC. has entered into an agreement to acquire a 4.5-megawatt New Jersey community solar project. The facility, located in Linden, was built to benefit the local neighborhoods and small businesses by generating clean energy through solar. Arrays collect solar, which is then turned into electricity to power residents and businesses on the local energy grid.

Named the Linden Hawk Rise Solar Project, Navisun’s new solar facility was constructed at the site of the city’s landfill. Behind the development of the site was CS Energy, which is spearheading the construction of the site. Upon completion, Navisun will own and operate the New Jersey community solar project. The 4.5-megawatt facility is expected to be completed by Q2 of 2021.

It’s estimated that, upon going operational, the Linden Hawk Rise Solar Project will generate enough power to supply upwards of 1,000 homes with renewable energy. Homeowners will have the opportunity to subscribe to the service, which will grant them access to the generated solar as well as cost-saving benefits on their monthly utility bills.

According to Linden’s Mayor Derek Armstead, the facility will serve as a revenue stream for the local community. As with many cities around the United States, Linden is also utilizing the community solar facility as a means of reducing its carbon footprint, Armstead confirmed.

As part of the state’s Year 1 Community Solar Energy Pilot Program, the Linden facility will play an important role in making solar energy accessible to homeowners and small businesses. The goal of the pilot is to make solar available to all residents, including underserved communities. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities advised the project’s developers to extend the reach of the facility to low- to middle-income households. When they participate in the program, they’ll receive a credit toward their electricity statement.

Interested parties can read more at the project’s official site.


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