New Jersey Community Solar Program to Receive Two New Facilities

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Community Solar

A New Jersey community solar program will receive support from Verogy, a Connecticut-based solar startup company. Known for its portfolio of projects scheduled in its own state, Verogy can provide the New Jersey projects with proper development support.

Behind Verogy’s move to Jersey are veterans of Greenskies Renewable Energy, who have proposed two individual sites in the New Jersey community solar program. Greenskies reportedly doubled its solar capacity to 150 megawatts, showing improvement in an industry that needs constant pushes forward.

The two projects planned for the New Jersey community solar program will be named Deptford Solar One and Millstone Solar One. Together, they will have a capacity of 7.4-megawatts. , which will be used to help local communities partake in otherwise costly solar endeavors. Without community solar, homeowners must purchase and install solar arrays on their own property. With these private panels, the homeowner is responsible for all aspects.

Something like the New Jersey community solar project lifts the burden from the homeowner and places it on the developer. In this case, that burdon falls upon Verogy. The solar startup will manage the facilities. Both projects will offer low-income homeowners and tenants in underserved communities an option to participate in solar energy. Not only will they receive low-cost solar energy, but they’ll also play an important role in preserving the environment. 

Since its advent, community solar has been helping states across the U.S. with their goal to net-zero carbon emissions. That magic number will drastically reduce the output of carbon into the air, which has been an unavoidable aspect of all energy in the past. Clean energy removes that factor, especially solar energy. 

The New Jersey community solar program is just one of several projects being eyed by Verogy. The solar startup is also considering projects in Arizona, Maine, Colorado, and Rhode Island. It’s also discussing add a new project in Connecticut. 


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