New Community Solar Farms to Bring 17 MW to New Jersey

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Community Solar

An additional 17-megawatts of community solar is coming to New Jersey thanks to Solar Landscape. The solar development company recently announced that it is working on a new group of community solar farms throughout the state. According to the announcement, Solar Landscape has opened enrollment for the new facilities to homeowners looking to switch from general electric to solar power.

These new community solar farms are coming after Solar Landscape completed four additional projects throughout New Jersey. Its team of more than 60 installers and technicians have focused their efforts on rooftop panels for two of those projects. Based on the company’s projections, it will complete the installation ahead of schedule. In total, it will have installed more than 45,000 panels across the state in one month.

Solar Landscape will own, maintain, and take charge of operations with the new community solar farms. The primary focus of the farms is to provide power to local residents. To achieve this, Solar Landscape will work closely with local governments and municipalities to initiate a program that benefits low- to middle-income households and communities. The community solar projects will help underserved communities partake in solar power while also providing them with a monthly credit on their utility bill.

Since its founding in 2012, Solar Landscape has installed approximately 110 commercial solar projects. Its efforts have resulted in the reduction of carbon dioxide by 6,000 tons. These projects are all part of New Jersey’s plan to run entirely on 100% clean energy within 30 years. Solar Landscape has been an integral part of the state’s switch to clean, renewable energy. It has been part of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Community Solar Energy Pilot Program, which focuses on bringing solar power to customers who don’t want to or can’t afford to install solar panels on their property.

Interested parties can contact Solar Landscape at its official website, found at this link. Information on subscribing to the new community solar farm is also available there.


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