Community Solar Ground Lease Awarded by Green Township, NJ

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Community Solar

Citrine Power, LLC and AC Power, LLC have recently been awarded a new community solar ground lease in Green Township. The two companies will partner together to finance and develop a new solar system that will serve the local communities. Currently, the plan for the ground lease is a ground-mounted solar system that will have a capacity of approximately 4.5 MWdc. 

Citrine and AC were awarded the lease after applying for a solicitation from New Jersey’s Community Solar Pilot Program. After seeing success in the first year of the program, with AC Power seeing three and Citrine having one of their projects selected by the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), the two companies decided to try for a second year. 

With their application, Citrine and AC Power received the community solar ground lease and are estimated to generate enough electricity to power upwards of 1,000 homes. Based on the current development and operational plan, the solar project will be dedicated primarily to low- to middle-income households that are part of Jersey Power & Light’s territory. These homeowners will receive a credit on their monthly utility bill for participating.

Though AC and Citrine were awarded the community solar ground lease, they still have to be awarded an allocation for 2021. If this doesn’t happen, they have the opportunity to pursue other avenues to continue development, including taking part in the BPU’s successor program. This program will mark the Community Solar Program’s third year. 

Citrine Power managing partner, Cela Sinay-Bernie, commented on the efforts of the two companies, stating that they are hoping to complete development on a new community solar project to help Green Township improve its renewable energy offerings. Sinay-Bernie also noted that, by being awarded the community solar ground lease, Citrine and AC Power will continue to play an active role in New Jersey’s clean energy standards.


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