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A Charleston, New Hampshire community solar installation has recently been completed by Norwich Solar Technologies. In light of advancements to the state’s group net metering regulations that allows subscribers to solar facilities to receive credits, Norwich Solar has swooped in to provide homeowners with a convenient solar option. With the change in local legislature, Norwich opted to deliver solar energy to residents and small businesses through a community solar project.

The project was especially important in a state like New Hampshire, subscriber Lorraine Kelly explains, because of the state’s geography. New Hampshire community solar options counter the dense foliage that prevents rooftop solar arrays from being a practical means of participating in solar. As Kelly explained, community solar gives the Town of Charleston the ability to drastically reduce its carbon emissions.

Norwich’s new installation was sized to cater to 19 Charleston locals. Sustainable Hanover’s 2020 Solarize Hanover campaign helped linked these individuals with Norwich to become member-owners of the completed project. These subscribers benefit by drawing solar energy from the completed facility and receiving a credit on their monthly utility bills. The community solar project from Norwich allows residents to reap the rewards of solar without having to install costly rooftop panels.

Norwich Solar confirmed that the Charleston project is just one of several it hopes to bring to New Hampshire. It’s also overseeing several projects in operation in Vermont. Future projects in the northeast will further increase Norwich’s crucial portfolio of community solar installations, which help reduce each state’s carbon footprint.

It also, as CEO Jim Merriam stated, gives individuals that otherwise had no access to solar energy the ability to choose. Tenants and low- to moderate-income neighborhoods would typically be unable to participate in solar programs. Community solar makes the option affordable and helps keep the cost of monthly electric bills lower.


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