New Community Solar Facility Will be Ameren Missouri’s Largest

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Community Solar

Montgomery County, MO may see a new sizable community solar facility in the near future. Ameren Missouri announced that it plans to build its largest facility to date right in the heart of the county. Officials from Ameren state that it will sport thousands of panels and will have a capacity of 6-megawatts.

The push for a new, larger community solar facility comes from the 2,000 new customers that have shown interest in joining the Ameren community solar program in Missouri. As the company hears from more potential subscribers, it will find a need to continue expanding. According to VP of community, economic development and energy solutions, Matt Forck, Ameren has been responsible for the increase in demand for clean, renewable electricity.

As with other Ameren community solar facilities, the new program will put a focus on benefiting the consumer and the community. By bringing in more subscribers, the facility is helping Montgomery County reduce its carbon emissions and promote the use of clean energy. Local residents and businesses are eligible to partake in community solar, which allows them to draw power from a centralized location over having to build private, costly solar panels.

The proposed new community solar installation is being eyed for New Florence, MO. It will be a large construction project, but as Ameren Missouri’s community solar efforts have proven, it’s an undertaking worth sinking resources in. There are still many steps needed before Ameren can move forward with construction, but the trusted company will surely have no issue pushing through to the next stages of development.

Ameren Missouri has not confirmed how it will finance the new project or if there are plans for even more installations in the near future. With its continued increase in potential customers, Missouri locals should expect to see more coming down from the trusted solar developer.


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