Ameren’s Largest Community Solar Farm Receives Approval for Construction

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Community Solar

Missouri-based solar developer, Ameren, is one step closer to adding the largest community solar farm to its extensive portfolio. Back in October 2020, the developer revealed it was planning to build a 6-megawatt installation, which is an increase from its next-largest facility. At the time of the announcement, Ameren had submitted plans for constructing the facility, which were recently approved by Missouri’s regulators.

According to the approved development plans for Ameren’s largest community solar farm, the company has eyed up a parcel of land in Montgomery County. The site, which will be approximately 70 miles outside of St. Louis, will stand on 91 acres and be known as the Montgomery County Solar Center. Upon completion, it will be the second installation providing locals in the region with low-cost energy options.

Based on the plan, Ameren will be building its largest community solar farm out of thousands of solar photovoltaic panels. During operation, these panels could generate upwards of 12,000-megawatt-hours every year. 

With the approval of the Missouri Public Service Commission, Ameren can start construction on its largest community solar farm. According to the company’s vice president of community, economic development and energy solutions, the facility will help thousands upon thousands of customers of the local utility company. By taking part in the largest community solar farm, subscribers will receive a monthly credit that reduces the amount of their bills.

The development of the company’s largest community solar farm is a step toward Ameren reaching it’s net-zero carbon emissions goal. According to the planned goal, Ameren hopes to reach this goal by 2050 after reaching a milestone of a 30% reduction in carbon.

Ameren has not released a timeline for the new facility, though construction can be expected to start as soon as possible to start delivering low-cost solar power to subscribers.


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