Three New Minnesota Community Solar Gardens Completed

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Community Solar

A leading resource in renewable energy, SunShare, just completed work on three new Minnesota community solar gardens. The Scott County gardens are currently providing 4.5 megawatts of clean energy, spread across 800 residences. 

SunShare has become a leader in renewable resource management. Once completed, the three gardens brought SunShare’s megawatt production to 80. During the initial year of energy production, the gardens are expected to provide subscribers approximately 100% of their energy costs. As the head of these new Minnesota solar gardens, SunShare has worked to build an ample subscriber base and is responsible for 70% of the state’s active subscribers.

According to Minnesota state mandates, all subscribers to the community solar gardens must reside in the same county as the garden or adjacent to the county. This ensures that new when new Minnesota solar gardens are constructed, locations that were previously unserved may be able to benefit from the perks and help switch the state to zero carbon emissions.

According to the founder and CEO of SunShare, David Amster-Olszewski, Minnesota has become the top provider of community solar in the United States. SunShare has had a hand in delivering community solar options to both larger entities and households. Amster-Olszewski claims that SunShare’s goal is to ensure community solar reaches the entirety of the state.

Shortly after completion, SunShare confirmed that the three new Minnesota community solar gardens had been fully subscribed. There is a waiting list for hopeful residents, should a slot open in the future. 

SunShare completed the projects via loans from ANB Bank. The financial institution has been a vocal supporter in the development of community solar options with SunShare. Senior VP at ANB Bank, Bob Lynn, commented on the bank’s commitment to working with SunShare in the future to help Minnesota to continue to sustain its renewable energy goal of 100% carbon-free energy production.


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