Lincoln Park Community Solar Array Construction Completed

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Progress has been made on the Lincoln Park community solar project. According to Ecolibrium-3, a nonprofit responsible for building the installation, the first of four arrays were raised. Once the final array is completed, the project is expected to generate 40-kilowatts of solar energy to be used to help local residents and businesses.

The clean energy resource states that the Lincoln Park community solar garden is intended to help a veteran’s rehabilitation center. Of the 40-kilowatts, a portion will be used to help offset 25% of the center’s total cost of electricity. This charitable effort will allow the rehabilitation center more funding to provide to the veterans it cares for.

The remaining kilowatts will be allocated to help low-income residents around Lincoln Park, MN. Like standard community solar projects, consumers can buy into a portion of the generated solar energy in exchange for credits on their monthly electricity bill. Those that subscribe to the program not only receive a financial gain, they also get to partake in reducing the town’s carbon footprint by using solar energy for their daily power needs.

According to Lucas Giese, the program’s coordinator, the Lincoln Park community solar project will substantially impact the local community. Giese stated that Ecolibrium-3 is “all about” providing solar energy to low-income households. The organization focuses primarily on Minnesota-based projects and will provide technical and financial assistance to renewable energy programs.

Ecolibrium-3 services all of Minnesota and even provides unique tools for residents to understand and use renewables. Among the tools it offers are workforce and training classes on the clean energy industry and steps on switching to solar power. Ecolibrium-3 also has a Clean Energy Resource Team that works across the state to help “underserved” communities.

With the first array raised, Giese confirms that the remaining three will follow sometime in October.


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