Community Solar Stimulus Offered by Minnesota Solar Installer

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Community Solar

Minnesota solar installer Impact Power Solutions (IPS) has responded to the economic dilemma caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with the Community Solar Stimulus. The initiative will give organizations throughout rural Minnesota with near-term value community solar options. By offering them this option, the Community Solar Stimulus helps off-set some of the impact the state-wide closures have had on local businesses.

According to IPS CEO, Jamie Borell, community solar is one way of helping in the recovery process from the challenges brought about during the year’s first six months. Borell alludes to creating jobs and reducing pollution as perks of switching to solar energy. 

The company started to look at different community solar projects it could tackle throughout Minnesota after Innovative Power Systems rebranded to IPS. Along with the Community Solar Stimulus, it is expecting to revisit previously completed projects like the one at North Minneapolis’ Shiloh Temple to consider expansion options. By expanding the project, IPS would be able to bring on more subscribers and continue promoting a goal of zero carbon emissions. 

IPS aims to not only provide communities with solar options but also to educate on different means of producing renewable solar energy. It will do this via a virtual Commercial Solar Happy Hour, which will focus primarily on how solar is an investment for businesses. To draw in a crowd, IPS will be providing beer and raffling off merchandise for attendees. 

Innovative Power Systems sought to rebrand its image to help reflect a broader corporate view on its focus on “creating value for all.” As IPS, it functions as a full-service development company that specializes in clean energy. Along with constructing new solar panels, IPS has started to emphasize the push away from fossil fuels. 

Currently, IPS has yet to reveal many details about the Community Solar Stimulus and how Minnesota organizations can participate or if homeowners can participate.


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