Minnesota Community Solar Project to Power Local Zoo

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Community Solar

It’s a wonder the things that solar power can energize. Thanks to a Minnesota community solar project, the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul will receive the benefits of renewable, clean energy. Investor and renewable energy developer C2 Energy Capital worked with the City of St. Paul to help make this a reality by working closely with the zoo to subscribe it to a regional community solar program.

Being run off of renewable energy will help reduce operating costs for the zoo and will reduce its carbon footprint. The zoo was the perfect establishment to sign up for the Minnesota community solar project as it further promotes a greener lifestyle while also providing the animals with the electricity needed to survive. According to Michelle Furrer, the zoo’s director, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory puts a focus on conservation and will be able to make greater strides with the Minnesota community solar project. 

C2 Energy Capital owns the solar installation used for the community solar program. It also runs an additional two facilities, all of which produce just over 4-megawatts of energy. According to co-founder and managing member of C2 Energy Capital, Candice Michalowicz, the community solar subscription is part of the city’s push for energy efficiency. Mayor Melvin Carter adds that the subscription that Como Park Zoo & Conservatory has will help save taxpayer money via reduced emissions and lower cost of energy.

The city’s additional measures to promote a healthier environment include the American Cities Climate Challenge from Bloomberg Philanthropies and Race to Reduce. President of the St. Paul City Council, Amy Brendmoen, commended C2 for its high standards to further the city’s push to go greener and rely on clean energy.

C2’s solar project is adding to Minnesota’s Solar Energy Standard and requires Xcel Energy to have 25% of its sales come from renewable resources by 2025.  


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