Community Solar Gardens Welcome Agriculture Cooperative

Solar Farm in solar gardens
Community Solar

C2 Energy Capital’s trio of community solar gardens in Woodbury, MN recently welcomed aboard the Land O’Lakes agricultural cooperative. To reduce the environmental impact of the agricultural industries in Minnesota, Land O’Lakes subscribed to the three gardens, which are located near its headquarters in Saint Paul.

Co-founder and managing member of C2 Energy Capital, Candice Michalowicz, showed enthusiasm for Land O’Lakes subscription. She referred to the cooperative’s efforts to support farmers and food suppliers as “impressive.” According to Michalowicz, the partnership between C2 and Land O’Lakes is a “win-win” for both its members and the environment. 

The three community solar gardens have a total capacity of 4-megawatts. Each was installed with a SolarEdge inverter, which meets the state’s requirements for a rapid shutdown. According to C2 Energy Capital, the three arrays are on track to generate 2 million kilowatt-hours every year they’re operational. 

Land O’Lakes is one of the nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives. It launched Truterra in 2016 to emphasize sustainability and seek out ways to reduce the impact the agriculture industry has on the environment.

According to Bryan Crane, the cooperative’s senior manager of commodity and energy risk, Land O’Lakes is always looking for new ways to improve the ecosystem that its agricultural members thrive in. Crane explained that Land O’Lakes opted to work with C2 Energy Capital due to the solar company’s commitment to its array of solar facilities from development to operation. 

The three community solar gardens are just a small sampling of C2 Energy Capital’s 120 operational projects. It has a presence in 16 states and mans an assortment of projects, from landfill solar to large-scale industrial projects. 

As Crane stated, C2 Energy Capital remains involved in its community solar installations from start to finish, ensuring that the site operates without a hitch. For all of the projects in its portfolio, C2 remains hands-on.


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