SunRaise Community Solar Farm Seeking Subscribers

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Community Solar

After a nearly year-long construction process, SunRaise Investments’ community solar farm at Perkins Road has moved ahead far enough to start welcoming customer subscriptions. Participants of the community solar program are eligible to receive a discount on their monthly utility bills to reduce electricity costs.

According to Patrick Jackson, Senior VP of Business Development at SunRaise, the solar investment company is reaching out to homeowners, small businesses, and even renters to partake in the program. The Perkins Road community solar farm is intended to serve Central Main Power customers, and being within the service area is a primary requirement for subscribing.

Interested parties can join with no upfront cost. Jackson confirmed that once a customer is approved and entered into an agreement with SunRaise, they will start seeing a discount. Along with no startup fees, customers can exit the agreement at any time with no penalty. They will simply go back to paying normal rates for their electricity.

SunRaise’s Perkins Road installation is Belfast’s fourth facility. By 2019, the city had enough solar installations built to generate enough power for approximately 16,700 homes. Gov. Janet Mills feels the growth of solar energy and community solar is important to the local economy. She stated that the solar energy industry is a notable investment opportunity for Maine, and with every new project, the state gets closer to significantly reducing its greenhouse gasses.

Per SunRaise, the project will reduce carbon emissions by the equivalent of taking 1,300 cars off the road. Additionally, upon completion, the installations will extend to approximately 1,200 homeowners and small business owners. During the life of the construction, 120 jobs will be created for locals.

These sites are only a handful of what SunRaise has planned for Maine residents. Currently, there are five developments in the middle of construction, with even more slated for spring.


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