Solar Investor Eyes New Community Solar Projects in Maine

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Community Solar

Shortly after revealing an increase in its solar revenues, UGE International Ltd. announced plans to build three new community solar projects in Maine. The three new projects, slated to be built, developed, and financed by UGE, are expected to produce a total of 7.1-megawatts of clean energy.

UGE, a community solar leader for commercial applications, has eyed Corinth, Monson, and Bangor as the three locations for the new projects. Corinth is slated to have the largest capacity solar installation at a maximum of 4.7-megawatts. Monson and Bangor will be relatively close, with 1.3 and 1.1-megawatts respectively. For UGE, the project adds $13 million to its backlog of projects. In its 2019 fiscal financial report, its backlog was $30 million.

The solar projects are being built under the state’s solar framework. This will allow customers to subscribe to the projects and purchase power from them at a lower rate. Community solar projects such as these promote clean energy production and use while allowing residential and commercial customers to save money. Along with these projects, UGE is also responsible for constructing the first community solar project in Maine.

The Corinth, Monson, and Bangor projects are expected to take 24 months to complete. Upon completion, they will be made available to residential and commercial subscribers to take advantage of renewable solar energy and the associated discounts. In 2019, UGE reported a community solar revenue increase of 17%, from 10% to 27%. The addition of the three new community solar projects will continue to

UGE International Ltd. is a leading provider of solar solutions for the community. Though it’s based in New York, the company has projects across the United States, Canada, and the Philippines. According to UGE’s website, it has 630 projects completed producing a total of 380 megawatts.


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