Maine Learning Organization Enters Into Community Solar Partnership

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Community Solar

Relay Power and Breakwater Learning have entered into a community solar partnership to reduce the organization’s environmental impact. The recently announced partnership will allow the learning center to purchase solar credits that will swap a portion of its energy usage to electricity generated by a nearby community solar facility. Breakwater will experience savings that the organization will be able to sink into other facets of its budget.

Though the community solar partnership is between the learning organization and the utility company, residents of Maine will have the option to participate in the program. Subscribers looking to join the community solar facility need to be served by CMP. By participating, they will receive the same benefits as Breakwater, including solar energy generated by a nearby facility and credits toward their monthly utility bills. The community solar partnership also encourages small businesses to participate to improve Maine’s environment further.

Breakwater’s Executive Director, David Sullivan, noted the organization’s desire to reduce its carbon footprint. Sullivan also stated that the solar partnership will help expand the reach of community solar options, which will allow low- to middle-income homeowners an opportunity to participate in cost-saving solar use. As Sullivan explains, community solar is intended to help homeowners that cannot install solar panels. This extends to renters in the community, as well.

The partnership between Breakwater and Relay Power will play an important role in helping Maine achieve its solar goals. The more solar energy that’s used by businesses and residents, the more the state will creep toward its ability to reach net zero carbon emissions. In 2019, LD 1494 updated the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, which set a goal of running off 100% renewables by 2050. 

According to Relay Power’s official announcement of the community solar partnership, it will donate $100 to Breakwater School’s Net Zero Fund for every subscriber that signs up.


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