Community Solar Application Planned for Submission in Maine

Community Solar

Edgecomb residents may be able to save money on their future utility bills if the planning board approves a community solar application. Geologist Cole Peters approached the Edgecomb Planning Board on Nov. 5 for information on applying for a new solar farm. Syncarpha is behind the request and is hoping for approval to create a garden of 5-megawatt panels that would directly benefit the community of Edgecomb.

According to Syncarpha, the goal is to provide access to renewable solar energy to approximately 750 households. The company would deliver the solar energy through Central Maine Power’s grid, which would then be filtered out to subscribers of the proposed community solar farm. Syncarpha states that the installation is a means to allow a group of homes to benefit from solar energy, unlike with traditional, private solar panels.

The community solar application is for an off-site array that would be open specifically to Central Maine Power customers. Individuals would subscribe to the solar facility and pay Syncarpha a discounted rate for their power. In return, Syncarpha would sell energy to Central Maine Power, which would pass the generated clean energy to participants.

The research performed by Cole Peters revealed that the proposed bank, which would be built along U.S. Route 1, would need 250’ of road frontage. To make the installation possible, Syncarpha would purchase two plots near the Newcastle line. There are negotiations for a 1.25-acre parcel and another plot of land near the Park and Ride.

Upon completion of the project, customers would be able to subscribe on a first-come, first-serve basis, Peters explained. Any subscriber would have the freedom to leave the program as they wish without incurring additional fees.

According to Peters, Syncarpha hopes to submit a completed application to the planning board in early 2021. However, before the application is submitted, Peters and Syncarpha requested that the required 1” to 150″ for plan scale dimensions be reduced to 1” to 50’. The board has already agreed to that request.


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